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In Campus Journalism: Sports Writing

trying to run as fast as he can
Trying to run as fast as he can!
      Sports page is one of the most read sections of the newspaper because it is filled with action and emotion of players who are idolized by sports enthusiasts.

  • Must be a sports enthusiast.
  • Must know the basic roles, strategies, team and players or team records.
  • Ability to take note quickly without missing the important sequence of the play.
  • Must be fair in reporting even if he has a favourite team or player.
  • Must observe accuracy in presenting facts.
  • Has wide knowledge on sports lingo.

  • Basically, it answers the five W’s and one H.
  • It primarily describes the most thrilling and eventful part of the game.
  • It uses more colourful words, adjectives, figures of speech, local color and longer sentences, which are not commonly used in straight news.
  • It uses special vocabulary called sports lingo.
1. Advance news – it gives advance information in the coming events. The following are the   
    expected contents of the advance news.
a. Significance of the game.
b. Historical background of the game or event.
c. Physical and mental qualities of the athletes.
d. Strengths and weaknesses of each player and team based on their previous 
e. Venue of the event.
f. Expected viewers.
g. Weather that could affect the game.
h. Statement of the coaches and athletes.
2. Coverage story – an on the spot news of an actual game or event. It contains important 
    reports like the following:
a. Outcome of the winner, score of both teams.
b. Significance of the outcome – the prize or the chance to move on to the higher level of 
c. Spectacular parts of the game – how the winner outsmarted the loser, see-sawing 
    scores and last minute play.
d. Comparison of the strength and weaknesses of the athletes of both teams.
e. Star player
f. Weather
g. Audience/viewers
3. Follow-up sports story – it summarizes the activities of the team. It also analyzes the recently 
    concluded game like a player who was injured and the psychological aspects of the players.
4. News based on the records – it is based on the data gathered from authorities or officials of 
   the game. It could also be a summary of different events almost simultaneously played in an 
   athletic meet.

1. Headline
a. Red Bull frustrates SMB
b. Skygo stuns Shark
c. South Korea topples China in OT
d. Realtors outgun Turbo Chargers
e. Tamaraws rout UB Cardinals
2. The Lead
The classic 5W’s appear in the Sports lead as (1) Who Won? (2) Against Whom? (3) By What Score? (4) Where? (5) When?

Three ways of writing the sports lead
1. Key play – this is usually used when the best angle of the sports event is through the collective effort of all the members of the winning team.

University of Santo Tomas held off host Lyceum in a nervy fourth set to post a 25-13, 21-25, 25-20, 25-23 victory yesterday in the shakey’s V-League Womens Volleyball Tournament at the Lyceum Gym.

Umiskor and Adamson University ng anim na runs sa second inning upang gawing tuntungan sa kanilang 6-2 panaig laban sa University of the East kahapon sa pagpapatuloy ng UAAP Softball Tournament sa UST Field.

2. Outstanding Player – when one or two of the members stand out of the rest of the players that caused the team to win the game, their heroic deed is the best angle to start a sports lead.

James Yap lived up to expectation as he delivered the winning basket that lifted Purefoods Chunkee Giants to a heartstopping 75-74 overtime victory over Red Bull last night in the PBA Philippines Cup at the Araneta Coliseum.

Iginupo ni top seed Anna Patricia Santos si 7th seed Ivy de Castro, 6-1, 2-6, 6-0 upang makatuntong sa singles semifinals ng Php 4,000,000.00 PCA Open Tennis Championship sa PCA Indoor Courts, Plaza Dilao kahapon.

3. Analytical approach – this is used when the team employs a very spectacular strategy or action that brings them to victory.

Barking on nerve breaking wallops, deadly spikes and tricky placing, DLSU lady Archers dethroned Far Eastern University in the crucial third set of their UAAP Women’s Volleyball Championship game, 25-18, 25-22, 25-19 at Cuneta Astrodome yesterday.

Sa pamamagitan ng malalakas na spike at mapaglinlang na placing, pinadapa ng Abad Santos ES netters and Soliman ES spikers sa pangatlong set sa iskor na 25-20, 21-25, 25-17 sa isang exhibition game, Hulyo 26 sa Torres HS oval kaugnay sa pagdiriwang ng Sports Week.

4. The Body – Contains the play-by-play account of the game.
  • Highlights of the game – Find the turning point of the game. Describe spectacular plays. Tell about the last minute fumble.
  • Decisive play – the most crucial part of the game that gives a certain team the winning margin.
  • Play-by-Play – Describe the progress of the game in detail but due to limited space, play-by-play has to be condensed.
  • Comparison of the Teams – Which was the better team? Who did better in the foulline? In what department were the losers weak?
  • Best score for the day – what did they do to become the heroes of the game?
  • Quotation – it is customary for the star player or coach to have his sentiments recorded for posterity.
  • Weather condition – Mud, sunshine, heat, cold, or wind may have a bearing on the game.
  • Crowd and Celebration – How did the spectators behave?

1. Before the game:
a. Know the roles of the game.
b. Know key people
c. List down their names in full and check the spelling.
d. Interview key person who are involved in the game.
2. During the actual game
a. Look for a good working place where you can closely witness the game.
b. Observe closely and list down the following:
i. The most thrilling part of the game
ii. Unexpected event like a neophyte who perform excellently
iii. Humorous event
iv. Audience Reaction
v. Statement of the players and coaches

3. After the game
a. Check the accuracy of the score from the officials
b. Interview star player or coach of the winning team.

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