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In Campus Journalism: Sports News Writing

trying to chase the ball
Trying to chase the ball!
       Sports Writing is also news writing. It carries the structure of a combined straight news and an action story. A sports writer must tell his intended readers on what really had happened in a particular game thereby describing the actions, particularly, spectacular actions done by the players/athletes in a particular game or event. However, a straight news differs from that of a sports news in the sense that in a sports news, the writer uses special vocabulary words-- the sports lingo. Creativity and imagination and imagination are employed in describing action, thus, sometimes sport stories have the flavour of features.

         To be able to become a good sports writer, he/she must possess certain qualities, to wit:
  1. He must have a nose for news
  2. He must be familiar of all sports/events
  3. He must have a working knowledge on the jargon of sports writing, usually referred to as sports lingo.

Qualities of a Good Sports Writer
  1. Must know team/individual standing
  2. Must be familiar with the rules and regulations, strategies and tactics of the game or event he is writing about
  3. Must know coaches and players as intimately as possible
  4. Must observe accuracy
  5. Must be able to take notes quickly without losing the sequence of the play
  6. Must be fair and unbiased, even if you have personal favourites.
  7. Must use the specialized language of the game being reported.
  8. Must be at the sports venue not as a cheerer or spectator but as reporter.

Writing the Sports Lead

1. The traditional sports lead consists of 5 W’s, and H, if possible.
a. Who won?
b. Against whom?
c. By what score?
d. Where?
e. When?

The Alaska Aces (who won) lambasted the San Miguel Beermen (against whom) in their Semi-Final Quest, 93-65 (by what score), during the unprecedented President’s Cup held at the Cuneta Astrodome (where), July 20, 2006 (when).

Writing the Body

            In writing the body of the sports news, the writer must conform with the following pointers.
  • Team or individual standing (if it were a series of games) - 1 Paragraph
  • Crucial moment - 1 Paragraph
  • Top scorer of the game - 1 Paragraph
  • Play - by - play account - 3 Paragraphs
  • Quotations - 1 Paragraph
Note: Phrases and statements embedded with ideas connected to the weather, crowd and celebration based on the writer’s analysis can be inserted in any of the paragraphs, if necessary. There must be 8 paragraphs in a sports news story.

Sports Lingo for Basketball
  1. Evened up matters with a 70-59
  2. 8-2 slate
  3. Got way laid
  4. Jampacked crowd
  5. Limit its turn-overs
  6. Point Guard
  7. Fired 19 pints
  8. Hauling rebounds
  9. Scored six points
  10. Topscored with 28 big pints
  11. Converted just three of 11 3-pt. tries
  12. As the final buzzer sounded
  13. Playing solidly all throughout
  14. League leader bannered the team
  15. Turn-around shot
  16. Poured all of his 19 pints
  17. Beat the buzzer
  18. Rainbow territory
  19. Undergoal stab with 5 seconds left
  20. Failed to score
  21. Wide-open three point shots
  22. Stretch the lead to three
  23. Improved their record
  24. Grabbed four rebounds
  25. Dished out four assists
  26. Sank both free throws
  27. Guns for 2nd berth
  28. 1-2-2 defense
  29. Whole court pressure
  30. Triangle offense
  31. Fake and roll offense
  32. Finger Roll
  33. 2nd Board
  34. Perimeter Area
  35. Towering Defense
  36. Arrow Decision
  37. Back Court Reliever

Sports Lingo and Crutches

Wallop              set                    double block
Tosser              over-reaching          back ball
Spider              block                  booming service
Backliner           switch                 unretaliated spike
Net placing         crossing               wall blocks
2 out of 3          back liner spike       like fireballs
Volleyball belles   Court Liners           Anticipated spike
Chinese kill        Touching               Stopper
Winning Score: 25 points        Score must be in a 2 pt. gap

Racket              overhead shots         slicing
shuttle cock        clear                  offensive lob shot
fault-score rule    drop shot              winning score: 15  
smash               deceptive shots        2 out of 3 sets 
doubles             fast drop              shuttlers
Mixed doubles

deceptive shot - any action taken by a player that causes the opponent to be uncertain of his next move.

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